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Seafarers with Panama CoC can now do 2/E and Masters CoC from New Zealand. Indian Navy sea-time is now accepted for doing CoC courses in New Zealand. DNS and HND-UK deck cadets from India having 12 months of sea-time on vessels > 500 GRT and having completed an approved TRB can do their 2nd Mates CoC from NMIT, Nelson, New Zealand. Electrical Officers with 36 months of sea-time and having completed the ISF TRB can do the Class 4 CoC from New Zealand. Deck Officers doing the combined BSc and Chief Mates course from Southampton Solent University, UK will now get 2 years post-study work visa (total visa of 41 months) to stay back and work in the UK which opens up options for residency if you get a skilled job in the UK.

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MIT – New Zealand – Chief Mates and Masters


(Manukau Institute of Technology)

Auckland, New Zealand.

Course Title: 

Chief Mates & Masters – Diploma in FG Level 7

College Location:

MIT City Campus, New Zealand Maritime School (NZMS), 2 Commerce Street, Auckland Central, Auckland.

Course Start Dates:

5 February 2024.

As delivery of course is modular, there are multiple entry points from February till July with a gap of about 45 days between the entry points.

For e.g. if you enroll in April 2024, your course will end April 2025. If you enroll in June 2024, your course will end in June 2025.

You should enroll a minimum of 2 months before the course start date so that you have sufficient time for doing your IELTS / PTE Academic English language test, arrange funds for the NZ student visa and apply for your New Zealand student visa as well.

Course Duration:

1-year full time study in New Zealand.

Eligibility Requirement:

A minimum of 12 months of sea time requirement as an independent watch-keeping deck officer on commercial vessels > 500 GRT whilst holding your STCW II/1 Deck Watchkeeper CoC. 

This sea time must be completed 10 years before your CoC issue date. 

Proof of sea time would be the following:

▪ CDC sea service stamps. 

▪ Masters bridge watch-keeping testimonials &

▪ Company sea time letter.

If you are unsure of your sea time / existing CoC being accepted by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ), it is always advisable to apply for a Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) pre-assessment before travelling to New Zealand. We will guide you with the MNZ pre-assessment procedure. The MNZ pre-assessment procedure is free of cost and processing time is 6 weeks. You need to send documents by email only for MNZ pre-assessment.

English Test:

You need to clear IELTS  Academic or PTE Academic English test before you can apply for the New Zealand student visa.



You can book the test online from the above website.

IELTS Academic score required is 6 band overall with no sectional score below 5.5. If you score an overall 6 or more but score below 5.5 in any one section, then you will need to repeat the full IELTS test again.

The PTE Academic score required is 50 overall with no score below 42.

IELTS is not required for booking a seat in the college. It will however be required to get a visa letter (unconditional offer letter) from the college.

The fees for the English language test are around 16,500 INR.

STCW Advanced courses and other ancillary courses:

The following STCW advanced courses and ancillary courses must be Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) approved or MCA, UK approved:




▪ Medicare




▪Tanker Safety Courses

DG Shipping, India STCW advanced and ancillary courses are not accepted by Maritime New Zealand.

You can do the MCA, UK approved STCW advanced and ancillary courses in India from the following institutes:

▪BP Marine, Mumbai.

▪HIMT, Chennai



If you are a resident of Sri Lanka / Pakistan / Bangladesh / Burma / Nigeria / Ghana / Kenya / etc. and have done the STCW advanced courses from your country, it is best to email to MNZ and check if they accept these STCW advanced and ancillary courses from your country or not.

MNZ email address is:


The cost of doing these courses in Auckland can be checked from the links given below:



Course Booking:

Please WhatsApp or email the following documents to us for seat booking:

▪ Passport first page and address page.

▪ CDC 1st page and sea service stamped pages after 2nd Mates CoC.

▪ CoC all relevant pages including expiry date pages.

▪ MNZ pre-assessment (if you have) letter. 

▪ College application form (take B&W printout of the first 2 pages of the PDF file attachment, fill it by pen and email / WhatsApp to me as clear scanned copies).

Kindly email or WhatsApp these 5 PDF files. You can download CAMSCANNER APP on your smartphone to make these PDF files.

A sample filled up PDF form is at the bottom of this page to help you fill the main application form.

E-mail: kunal.anshuman@springdaleindia.com

The conditional offer letter will come by email in about 3 weeks’ time after submission of all documents to the college.

There is no payment to be made to the college for getting your admission letter from the college.

Tuition Fees:

NZ$ 26,000

Note: This is the academic course fees. It does not include the STCW advanced short courses and ancillary courses which you may do in New Zealand or outside of New Zealand also. 

The cost of doing the MCA, UK approved short courses in India are as given below:

▪ AFF – INR 40,000

▪ MFA – INR 40,000

▪ PSCRB  – INR 40,000

▪ Medicare – INR 45,000

▪ HELM – INR 40,000

▪ GMDSS – INR 45,000

▪ ECDIS – INR 85,000 

▪ Tanker Course (Oil/Chemical/Gas) – INR 50,000.

The MIT course tuition fees are paid in full after receiving your conditional visa which is called AIP (approved in principle). On submitting the full course tuition fees receipt to the visa office, you get the unconditional visa by email from Immigration New Zealand (INZ). 

There are no scholarships or installment facilities available and the full academic course tuition fees must be paid before you can get your final unconditional visa.

Visa Duration:

The length of visa that you get is for14 months.


Students stay off campus in Auckland. Expected monthly expense for food and accommodation will be around Nz$1,200 per month on a conservative budget when living in a shared house in Auckland. A typical house will have 4 rooms and each student will have one room for  himself. The washroom and kitchen are shared amenities. Students buy the groceries, cook food at home and divide the cost amongst themselves.

Part Time Work:

You can work 20 hours per week during term-time and full-time during vacations like Christmas. 

The minimum pay in New Zealand is NZ$ 22.70 per hour. By working part-time i.e., 20 hours per week at the minimum wage in NZ, you can earn  Nz$1,816 per month which will offset the money you spend every month on your living expenses and earn you a bit extra also. You can hope to earn above the minimum wage if working night shifts or weekends.

In difficult times like Covid , recession, war, etc., part-time work may dry up.  Hence you should have your own funds rather than relying on part-time work for your sustenance in New Zealand.

Students work part-time in Mc Donalds, KFC, Subway, pizza delivery shops, food takeaway shops, UBER,  departmental stores as cashiers / helpers, security guards, etc.

Total Expenses:

Here we will calculate all total expenses over 12 months stay in Auckland, New Zealand.

▪ Tuition Fees: NZ$ 26,000

▪ Medical Insurance: NZ$700

▪ STCW advanced  courses and ancillary courses: NZ$ 6,600

▪ Tanker Courses (if required): NZ$2,000

▪ Flight Ticket (return): NZ$ 3,000

▪ Visa Fees: NZ$ 430

▪ Living Expenses for 12 months @ NZ$ 1,200 per month = NZ$ 14,400

▪ MNZ fees: NZ$ 1,000

▪ Miscellaneous: NZ$ 1,000

Total: NZ$ 53,130

(Approx INR 26.50 Lakhs @ 1Nz$ = INR 50)

If working on tankers, add an extra NZ$2,000 i.e., 1 Lakh INR to the above cost.

By working part-time, you earn NZ$ 1,816 per month. Assuming you worked part-time for 10 months, you earned: NZ$ 18,160. Some months you may be working full-time for e.g. during vacations and earn double the money that you earn by working part-time, but we have not considered that. 

So net expense = NZ$ (53,130 – 18,160) = NZ$ 34,970 = 17.50 Lakhs INR.

Visa Procedure:

▪ We will assist you with the visa procedure.

▪ As the visa procedure is totally online now, we can assist you even if you are residing in other countries for e.g., Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Burma, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc.

▪ The visa processing time is 4 – 5 weeks normally. At times it can take longer also if the rush at the visa office is longer or some visa offices shut down due to Covid, floods, strikes / riots, etc.

▪ MIT Auckland will issue the unconditional offer letter (visa letter) after you have submitted the IELTS (or PTE) Academic test result. There are no tuition fees to be paid to the college to get the visa letter.

▪ The total funds to be shown for the NZ student visa consists of:

Tuition Fees: NZ$ 26,000

Living expenses: NZ$ 20,000 

Flight Travel: NZ$ 2,000

Total = NZ$ 48,000 = 24 Lakhs INR

▪ The funds can be shown by your parents, your spouse, your in-laws, and your own brother / sister. Your Uncle / Aunt / Relatives / Friends, etc., cannot show the money on your behalf.

▪ You can show money as cash savings in bank account from salary, fixed deposits > 6 months old, educational loan / personal loan or a mix of the above.

▪ If you are taking a gold loan or selling property / car, showing agricultural income, then the funds must be kept for a minimum of 6 months before they can be shown for the NZ visa. The reason being that it is difficult for Immigration New Zealand to verify the authenticity of these income and hence you will be asked to keep this money for 6 months in your bank account before you can show for the NZ student visa. Even then the visa officer may refuse to accept these as genuine sources of funds.

▪ If you have funds but are not able to show the documentary evidence of the source of this money, there is a FUND TRANSFER SCHEME for NZ visa, wherein you can inform the visa officer in the online visa application form that you will transfer the full living expenses to a New Zealand bank account before being offered an unconditional visa. This request may or may not be however accepted by the visa officer.

▪ We do assist students from India in processing of educational loan / personal loan. Although loans are never guaranteed we are able to get loans processed for 70% of our applicants.

▪ You must do a NZ approved medical. We will guide you with that procedure.

▪ We will send you a sample filled up visa form so that you can use that as a reference to fill up your online visa application form. We will then login to your online account to check the visa form that you have filled. Then you will upload all the necessary documents online. We will ask you to send PDF files of all documents to be uploaded on the visa website to us on WhatsApp to check before you upload the documents. After uploading the documents, you will pay the NZ student visa fees of NZ$ 430 using your debit / credit card. It will take up to 4 hours to complete the online visa form, upload all the documents and  pay the visa fees. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home as the procedure is totally online. Only for the NZ visa medical you have to move out of your house. NZ student visa comes by email only. You do not have to submit your passport at the visa office. The above is the rule applicable for students from India and the procedure may vary a little bit in other countries.

The visa procedure is simple. The problem that students usually face is in arranging the show money for NZ student visa as you cannot show borrowed money from friends / relatives. Also unaccounted money must be kept for 6 months, or you should opt for the Funds Transfer Scheme (FTS) which may still not be accepted by the visa office. The logic is that NZ says that not only the student should have the money but it should be a clean source of money and hence they are very strict regarding the source of the money being shown for visa purposes.

If applying for an educational loan / personal loan, do contact us soon after signing off from the ship. The longer you stay at home after signing off, the more difficult it becomes to avail yourself of a loan from the bank.

Contact Details:

Kunal Anshuman

Springdale India

529, Mastermind 4,

Royal Palms, Aarey Colony,

Goregaon E, Mumbai – 400 065

Maharashtra, INDIA.

Email: kunal.anshuman@springdaleindia.com

Website: www.ukcoc.in  


We are directly appointed by MIT, Auckland, NZ to look after admissions and student visas. 


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