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Seafarers with Panama CoC can now do 2/E and Masters CoC from New Zealand. Indian Navy sea-time is now accepted for doing CoC courses in New Zealand. DNS and HND-UK deck cadets from India having 12 months of sea-time on vessels > 500 GRT and having completed an approved TRB can do their 2nd Mates CoC from NMIT, Nelson, New Zealand. Electrical Officers with 36 months of sea-time and having completed the ISF TRB can do the Class 4 CoC from New Zealand. Deck Officers doing the combined BSc and Chief Mates course from Southampton Solent University, UK will now get 2 years post-study work visa (total visa of 41 months) to stay back and work in the UK which opens up options for residency if you get a skilled job in the UK.

For Education Loan, Personal Loan and Flight Ticketing, please call : +91 93077 48598. For Deck and Engine CoC, please call : +91 98927 25375
For Non-Marine students: Admission Open for Global MBA, Admission Open for MSc in Applied Artificial Intelligence & Data Science & Analytics, Admission Open for MSc Cyber Security Engineer, Admission Open for MSc Project Management, Admission Open for MSc Shipping Operations, Admission Open for Masters in Water Resource Management, Admission Open for MSc in Finance, Admission Open for MSc Construction Management, Admission Open for MSc Mechanical Engineering, Admission Open for MSc Civil Engineering, Admission Open for MEng Civil and Structural, Admission Open for MA Fashion Marketing, Admission Open for Masters in Applied Management ………Call: +91 – 9307748598

X WMA Masters Course

Warsash Maritime Academy, UK.

Master’s Preparatory Course

Course Title:

STCW II/2 Master (MCA Oral Examination)


4 weeks.

Course Starting Date:

January ; May ; October (every year)


Candidates must have completed 36 months’ watch-keeping service while holding an OOW unlimited II/1 Certificate of Competency. This period may be reduced to 24 months if at least 12 months of such seagoing service has been served as Chief Mate while holding a Chief Mate unlimited II/2 Certificate of Competency.

If you hold a Chief Mates CoC from India, you may be eligible to do your Masters CoC from the UK. It is advisable that you should apply for your Notice of Eligibility (see procedure below) with the MCA.

Admission Procedure

For booking a course, you will need to scan and email or Whatsapp (+91 – 9892725375) the following documents to us:

  • Completed Deck Course Booking Form ; (Sample Filled Up Form for your reference)
  • Passport: 1st page and address page
  • CDC – 1st page and sea service stamp pages after your 2nd Mates CoC
  • CoC – All relevant pages including your CoC expiry date page
  • Electronic bank transfer of £ 1,105 to reserve a seat for the course.

Demand Drafts are not being accepted by the college any more. You can make the payment by electronic bank transfer or through your debit card / card on the University website.

Bank Details attached.

Please note that the deposit paid for booking the seat is not refundable if you decide later not to do the course. The deposit can be transferred only in your name for the same course upto 24 months from the first course starting date subject to you having informed the college in writing / by email about your decision to postpone the course.

Seats for the Master’s course usually gets filled up 3 months in advance. Hence, students are advised to apply early as seats are allotted on a first come first served basis. Admission letter will be received by email in about 4 weeks after you have submitted your documents and transferred the deposit payment to the college.

Please visit the link for Masters MCA Orals Preparatory Course.

Applying for a Notice of Eligibility (NoE)

Students need to apply for an NoE to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), UK to be eligible to sit for the oral examinations in the UK. You can apply for your NoE from India prior to going to the UK or you can apply for your NoE during your stay in the UK. It is not necessary to be in possession of NoE for booking the course. However, if you have doubts that some of your sea-time may not be counted by the MCA for whatsoever reasons (for e.g. missing documents, no stamps on the CDC, company did not give sea service letter, etc.), it would be advisable to do your NoE before booking your course. The processing time for the NoE is normally 28 working days but it may extend to a few months also if the MCA is not satisfied about the authenticity of your documents. If your documents are found to be forged, all your documents will be seized and you will not be allowed to sit for exams in the UK again.

The following is the procedure to apply for a NOE

  • Download the NoE form MSF 4274
  • Take a printout of the NoE form and fill up the NoE form.
  • Enclose your NoE application form, Passport, CDC, CoC, Sea Service Letters / Masters testimonials, Medical Fitness Certificate, 2 passport size photographs and a payment of £ 220 has to be done in favour of the MCA, UK using the online link given on the NoE form. Please note that all documents have to be in original except for the Passport whose notarised photocopies are to be sent.
  • Send the documents by a good courier for e.g. DHL and check on the DHL website when the documents have been received by the MCA.
  • If you have not got any information from the MCA after 30 days, please send an email to the MCA mentioning your Name, Date of Birth and Courier consignment number. Ask them, what is the status of your NoE.

Cost of living in Southampton

The approximate living cost is as given below but it will vary from person to person

  • Accommodation rent: £ 200 – 260 / month / person
  • Food (home cooked): £ 40 – 60 / month / person
  • Electricity and heating bills: £ 10 – 20 / month / person

Accommodation, Food and Flight Tickets

Accommodation: College does not guarantee hostel accommodation for overseas students. Students stay in rented apartments as it works out to be much cheaper. A typical house would have 4 – 5 rooms which would be rented out to the students. Each room would be fully furnished i.e. the room would have a bed, mattress, wardrobe, study table, carpet, lights and heating system. The student would pay the room rent to the landlord every month. The kitchen and the washroom would be shared amenities. The kitchen would typically have a dining table, microwave, refrigerator and cooking system in place. On arrival in the city of Southampton, you can directly move into the rented accommodation or alternatively stay in a Bed & Breakfast (budget hotel) for one night, check out a few houses the next day and accordingly move into one of the many available rented accommodations. A single room would house one student, a couple or 2 students at the maximum. On signing the contract with the landlord, you will have to pay one month’s of rent as security deposit as well as the rent in advance for that month. Please ensure that you keep a copy of your contract safely with you and insist that the rent will be paid by cheques only. Ask the landlord for a copy of rent receipt as well for your safety. Most contract’s come with a one month notice period which means that you will have to give one month’s notice before vacating or else you may lose your deposit money. At the time of returning the deposit money, the landlord may make deductions for any damage that the tenant may have done to the property.

A list of landlords are given below whom you can start contacting 1 – 2 weeks prior to your departure for the UK:

Ms. Navida Khan

Mr. Baldev Singh

Mr. Pravin Patel

Mr. Rafiqui

Ms Geeta Uppal

Mr Paul Singh

Mr Harpal

Mr Singh

Mr Steve Athwal

Mr Yougesh Vashist

Mr Singh

Mr Iain Macdonalad

Most of the landlords are Gujratis or Punjabis. The accommodations are located about 5 – 10 minutes walking distance from Southampton Solent University.

Alternatively, you can stay for 1 day in a Bed and Breakfast Hotel (budget hotel) on arrival in Southampton and check out houses the next day. Visit the link below for a list of such budget hotels in the vicinity of the University: Bed and Breakfast Budget Hotels

Food: All food items that are available in India are also available in Southampton, UK for e.g. rice, wheat, dal, vegetables, chicken, mutton, fish, fruits, etc. Students staying in a house buy their groceries together and divide the cost amongst themselves. Eating outside at restaurants, take-away, etc. are very expensive because of the high cost of labour in UK and hence invariably all students cook their food together at home only. Grocery shops are located at 5 – 10 minutes walking distance from the accommodation areas.

For Tiffin Service (Indian food), you can contact Ms. Anu Mehak (Whatsapp : +44 7402 489098)

Flight tickets: You do not need to have your flight tickets whilst applying for a UK student visa. Students usually book their flight tickets after having received their UK student visa. It is upto a student if he wishes to book a one way ticket to the UK or a return ticket i.e. to and fro. Normally, a return ticket works out cheaper. We will introduce you to a Travel Agent who will help you out with flight ticket bookings or you can book through online portals. A one way fare price will range from 20,000 – 30,000 INR whilst a return fare will range from 40,000 – 70,000 INR. Prices vary depending upon season and how far is your travel date from the date of booking. You arrival airport in the UK will be London Heathrow.

You will be introduced to the other students going along with you so that you can decide whom do you want to share your accommodation with in Southampton and accordingly book your flight tickets together. There are about 200 students going to Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK from India every year for the various Deck and Engine post-sea CoC courses over the 3 batches starting in January, April and September respectively.

Carrying money to UK

Students can carry money to the UK as currency notes, travelers cheques, demand drafts and international student debit cards. We advise the students to carry about £ 500 as cash (£ 1,000 if they are carrying their family) and the remaining by loading their international student debit cards. International student’s debit cards are provided free or cost to the students and we will provide you with one prior to your going to the UK. The advantages of students debit card are given below:

  • For any purchase in the UK, you can swipe your international student’s debit card without any additional charges instead of having to pay in cash.
  • If you lose the demand draft, it is a very tedious process to get your bank to cancel the draft as you will have to file an FIR in the police station and follow up the other procedural formalities. If you lose a debit card, you simply call the bank, they will cancel the debit card and post a new card to you for a small fee.
  • If you fall short of money in the UK, your parents / friends in India can contact the bank and pay the bank in Indian rupees to top up the card. You can withdraw the money from your card in the UK. It saves your parents the hassle of trying to figure out how to do the telegraphic transfer from India and the charges involved in the telegraphic transfer.
  • If you are carrying a demand draft in your personal name for your living expenses in the UK, you will have to wait till your bank account is opened in the UK. This process may take 2 – 4 weeks and then only will you be able to deposit the demand draft. If you are carrying an international student’s debit card, you can withdraw cash from any ATM machine in the UK at any point of time. You must note that your bank will charge you for cash withdraw from the ATM using your international students debit card.

Visa Rules

The visa rules keep on changing very frequently. Hence, the rules in the past may not be acceptable in the future. We will guide you with the visa process.

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Study Abroad Options

We assist in admissions and visas for the following courses in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

All of our services are free of cost to the students.

Call: +91 – 93077 48598.

Kunal Anshuman,

Springdale India
Tel : +91 - 98927 25375
Email kunal.anshuman@springdaleindia.com
Address :
Office No. 529, Mastermind 4, Royal Palms, Aarey Colony, Goregaon E, Mumbai – 400 065

Note: To reach our office, take autorickshaw from Goregaon (E) station. It will cost you about 70 Rs/- and the distance is 3.0
kms from station. It should take you about 20 minutes to reach our office in normal traffic conditions from the station.
Alternatively, take Bus No. 452 from Goregaon (E) station and get down at the last bus stop i.e. Mayur Nagar. The office is
about 10 minutes walk from the Mayur Nagar bus stop. If you are coming from Powai direction, it will take you about 30
minutes to reach our office by auto rickshaw and the fare will be about 150 Rs approximately.

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